French Hacker claims to have found security breach in PM Modi’s website

French security expert Robert Baptiste has been in the limelight for highlighting the weakness in the Aadhaar data security. His twitter handle is Elliot Alderson. Now he has made a tweet and tagged PM Modi. In this tweet, Narendra Modi’s Twitter account has been tagged by saying, ‘Your website has a security problem. An unknown source has uploaded a text file on your website that contains my name. He also has full access to your database. You contact us at private and start a securities audit as soon as possible.’
There is also a screenshot in this tweet containing the URL and this page is blank. Elliot Elderson’s Twitter Username is written in the top of it. After the tweet, he wrote that this security loophole is in all domains and also in the main website. He also claimed that he did not do this.

Shortly after tweeting this French security researcher has claimed that Narendra Modi’s team is in touch with him.

Staging means that it is a screenshot of the clone of Narendra Modi’s live website. Through this, developers do the testing of the changes made in the website. Developers use the staging website as a test to avoid flaws in live websites. Changes made here do not appear in the live website


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