Wanted: A swachh mission for banks to stop NiMos

CHETAN BHAGAT At the time of writing this, every Indian with WhatsApp has received at least half-a-dozen Nirav Modi/PNB jokes. One wouldn’t have thought a banking scam involving technical terms like LoUs would capture the popular imagination. However, Nirav Modi is no ordinary scamster. First, his business is relatively simple and connects with all Indians – jewellery. Second, his advertising ...

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Do we serious to deal with plastic waste

DAINIK NATION BUREAU Life without plastic has become unimaginable now. As plastic being used for various purposes in day to day lives from water bottles to carry bags to hospital items. Our day start with tooth brush which is made up of plastic. But, there are plenty of things one can do in everyday life to reduce its use and ...

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Police penalise its own DGP

DAINIK NATION BUREAU Strange but true, Uttarakhand police has penalized their own DGP because he had allegedly jumped to red light or police wants to build their image. With this incident police may pat themselves that their personnel have become more professional than any other wings of the Uttarakhand police. It has raised several questions—Was not it a publicity stunt? ...

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Will PM Modi create 10m job in next two years?

DAINIK NATION BUREAU Prime Minister Narendra Modi had come to power three years ago with a promise to poor and middle class people that he would restore their dignity by creating job opportunity.  But now job market has been squeezing since demonetization, which had announced on November 8, 2016, and implementation of Goods and service tax (GST) since july this ...

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UK election’s polling percentage confuse poll pundit

DAINIK NATION BUREAU Four days having passed since the polling was held, while the leaders across the spectrum are worried with the poll- scenario remaining  mired in murkiness the poll pundits, on the other hand, are busy seeking to evolve a pattern out of things, eluding a standard explanation.  The pollsters say that aside from the pattern of the two ...

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