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Mumbai-Jaipur Superfast Express: Railway Cop Opens Fire, Leaving Four Dead


DAINIK NATION BUREAU : In a shocking incident, the Mumbai-Jaipur Superfast Express witnessed a horrifying incident which left four people dead and several others injured. It happened when RPF constable Chetan Singh opened fire inside the train on July 30. By doing this he had created panic among the passengers. Meanwhile police probing its cause which led to that extreme ...

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Eateries changed Recipes as Tomato Goes Out of budget


DAINIK NATION BUREAUU: As tomatoes price goes out of common man budget so eateries have changed their menu too. Eateries, which provide food at cheaper price on every nook an corner in cities, to cope up with the situation. Tomatoes have long been a staple ingredient in Indian cuisine, adding flavor, color, and a tangy taste to a variety of ...

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Minor gangrape : 11 year old teenager gangraped in Madhya pradesh

minor gang rape

DAINIK NATION BUREAU : A 11 year old girl gang raped in Maihar Madhya Pradesh near shrine on July 28. This chilling incident has sent shockwaves across the nation, a young woman was subjected to a brutal gang rape in Madhya Pradesh, leaving her physically and emotionally scarred. It has raised question mark on the women safety. The Horrific Incident ...

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Sonia Gandhi’s Remark Sparks Controversy: The Politics of Matrimonial Suggestions

sonia gandhi

DAINIK NATION BUREAU : A recent comment made by Sonia Gandhi, the prominent leader of the Indian National Congress (INC), has ignited a political firestorm in the country. During a public interaction in Haryana, Mrs. Gandhi reportedly advised a woman to “look for a suitable girl” for Rahul Gandhi, her son and a prominent figure in Indian politics. The remark ...

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A girl beaten to death in Delhi, shocked everyone

nargis murdered by her cousin

DAINIK NATION BUREAU : A young girl killed by her cousin in Delhi. A heart-wrenching incident occurred near a college in South Delhi. A young woman identified as Nargis lost her life after being brutally attacked with an iron rod. This shocking act has sent shockwaves through the city and raises serious concerns about the safety and security of woman ...

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A woman caught with her brother in law in Motihari Bihar, viral video

bihar illicit relationship

DAINIK NATION BUREAU : A disturbing incident has come to light in Bihar, where a woman was caught with her brother-in-law and subjected to physical violence before being tied to a pillar. The shocking act of vigilantism captured on video has gone viral. It has created public outrage and raising questions about the prevailing state of justice and empathy in ...

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Rajasthan Tilak Row : A student beaten for Tilak by other community students in school at Alwar

Alwar school tilak controversy

DAINIK NATION BUREAU : A class XI student beaten by Muslim student for applying Tilak on his forehead in a school in Alawar district of Rajasthan on THursday. An unfortunate incident in Alwar, Rajasthan, involving students of different faiths clashing over the wearing of a tilak in school and allegations of forced religious conversion, has raised concerns about communal tensions ...

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Standing Shoulder to Shoulder with Farmers: PM Modi’s Pledge in Rajasthan


DAINIK NATION BUREAU : In a show of solidarity with the farming community, Prime Minister Narendra Modi Trnasferred RS 17000 croreinto farmers account during a his Sikar visit On THursday. By seeing huge crowds, who had gathered to listen PM Modi, he says by seeing people here he can understand which side camel would sit. With this statement PM Modi ...

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Battle for Rajasthan: PM Modi and CM Gehlot Lock Horns Ahead of Elections

ashok gehlot

DAINIK NATION BUREAU : As the Rajasthan gears up for upcoming assembly elections, the political atmosphere is charged with anticipation and enthusiasm. On july 27, 2023 Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has levied a significant charge against Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Gehlot’s accusation comes amidst PM Modi’s upcoming trip to the poll-bound state. The exchange of words between these prominent ...

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Protests at Presidency University: Students Confine Dean to Office for 2 Days

presidency university kolkata

DAINIK NATION BUREAU : The Presidency University students have confined their Dean to his office for two days. The demonstration has drawn attention on the students grievance and the institution administration too. Such action has also highlighted students and administration relation. It has also highlighted the importance of dialogue between students and administration within the campus. The Catalysts of Protest ...

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