One Lakh litre wine seized in Haridwar


Strange but true that more than one lakh litre illegal liquor seized by the agency from Haridwar in the last six months. The statistics received from the police and department reveal how the liquor mafia has developed their roots in the district over a period of time. Ironically the seizure happened due to election year because enforcement agencies were active under the Election commission of India (ECI).



The liquor mafia are filling their pockets by making holes in the state exchequer. It has raised question mark on the activities of the excise department and the local police. While the department officials are answerless over the point that despite ban enforced in the district for sale and procurement of liquor, what is the source of this liquor.

In Haridwar, the use and sale of liquor was banned under  municipal Act-1916 and since 2012, after the formation of Nagar Nigam, the rule was re-enforced under the jurisdiction of Nagar Nigam. As per the law, under no circumstances and means, the liquor can be sold or used since Haridwar Nagar Nigam is totally dry area. Anyone found violating the Act is subject to penal action. Despite this, in the whole of Municipal area, country and English liquor is being brought stealthily and sold on a large scale. In the last six months, Haridwar police seized 54,545 litres of liquor, while the excise department claims to have procured estimated 70,000 litres of liquor. Data received from SSP office for 6 months shows: In January (1845 litre), February (14000 litre), March 3200 litre, April 22237 litre, May 3861 litre, June 550 litre and July 2848 litre.


Talking to the media Haridwar district excise officer Nathu Ram Joshi said, “This year we have seized more liquor than the police by 20 to 25%, though he failed to give the exact quantum of the seizure.”

Notably in a major seizure recently Haridwar police had seized a total of 607 cartons of branded liquor during intense checking drive at two places. Three accused hailing from Haryana were arrested in connection to bringing liquor stealthily in the holy city aiming to deliver in Jwalapur. The other three accused were caught near Bhagwanpur police station using fake number plate on truck and a case has been registered under Excise Act. The liquor was being brought in the truck had gunny bags stuffed with carrots towards the rear end.


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