Dementia patients can live better if they get care, support from friends


Good relationships, social engagement, better everyday functioning, good physical and mental health, and high-quality care have been identified as some crucial factors linked to better quality of life for people with dementia, according to a study. “While many investigations focus on prevention and better treatments, it’s equally vital that we understand how we can optimise quality of life for the ...

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Smartphone addiction comparable with substance abuse according to a study


Overuse of smartphones is just like any other type of substance abuse, say scientists who found that digital addiction makes people feel lonely, depressed and anxious. Smartphones are an integral part of most people’s lives, allowing us to stay connected and in-the-know at all times. The downside of that convenience is that many of us are also addicted to the ...

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Do you know-Pumpkin may cause hair loss

DAINIK NATION BUREAU Who doesn’t like a pumpkin pudding? But, the humble fruit, which is generally considered healthy, might be the reason for your hair fall. It is actually scarier than it sounds. A woman had clumps of hair falling out of her head, armpits and pubic region after consuming a food made with pumpkin. Another woman experienced “substantial hair ...

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Do you know, how corporate hospital makes money?

DAINIK NATION BUREAU As we know that government has failed to provide better medical facility in their hospital which is why people take their near and dear one to private hospital for medical treatment. When they go to private hospital then they realise that how these hospitals suck blood of the patient. On the name of hygiene and sanitation they ...

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Do you want to quit smoking?

DAINIK NATION BUREAU If you are a smoker try doing regular ph leisure-time vigorous physical activity is associated with better lung function among smokers.ysical activities as it may help you to have better lung function, a new study suggests. According to the researchers, leisure-time vigorous physical activity is associated with better lung function among smokers. “This result highlights the importance ...

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Smokers are at a higher risk of hearing loss

DAINIK NATION BUREAU Smokers are at a greater risk of hearing loss, according to a study.  The research was conducted on over 50,000 participants over a span of eight years. Researchers analyzed data from annual health checkups, which included audio testing performed by a technician and a health-related lifestyle questionnaire completed by each participant. They examined the effects of smoking status ...

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PM addresses inaugural session of “END TB” Summit

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, today addressed the inaugural session of the “END TB” summit in New Delhi. He expressed confidence that the Delhi End TB Summit would be a landmark event towards the complete elimination of TB. He said every step taken towards the eradication of this disease, is also linked to the betterment of the lives of ...

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Heart failure risk can be mitigated by taking brisk walk

DAINIK NATION BUREAU Older women who find it difficult to hit the gym or follow a workout routine may now ward off their risk of developing heart failure by taking brisk walks, finds a study. Heart failure—a condition in which the heart becomes too weak to pump enough blood to meet the body’s needs—rises with age The study found that ...

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Vegan youtuber who claimed to have been cured of cancer through diet dies of cancer


In a shocking case, Mari Lopez, who ran a food channel at home in Houston, Texas with her niece Liz Johnson, told thousands of viewers she had rejected traditional treatment for breast cancer in favour of a 90-day juice cleanse when she was diagnosed in 2015. Lopez said that within four months of cutting out animal products she was in ...

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Read it- How to get relief from sciatica pain

DAINIK NATION BUREAU Sciatica pain occurs due to irritation and compression of the sciatic nerve. It happens in the lower back  and later extends to the legs. The Pain can be extremely distressing, affecting the sufferers’ mobility in some cases. It is symptom of an underlying health condition. Sciatica pain vanishes after the sufferer takes rest for a stipulated time ...

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