35% Indians falling sick due to laziness claims WHO report

Hectic life and desk job is one of the biggest reasons for today’s illness. Net and smart phones have also reduced the outdoor activities of people’s lives. Most of the working people like to relax on weekends due to laziness ignore the workout too. According to a report from WHO, due to such lethargic attitude there is a danger of many serious diseases in people.

WHO data show that more than 35 percent of people in India are lazy to perform physical work. According to a WHO survey, due to lack of activity in the physical activities these people are at risk of heart disease as well as the risk of cancer, diabetes and mental illness.

These results of the survey have been published in The Lancet Global Health magazine, which states that in 2016, women who avoided regular exercise in India were about 50 percent, whereas for men, this figure was 25 percent. Worldwide, one in three women does not excercise enough, while in the case of men, this figure is one in four.


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