A driver made his ward teacher, doctor & engineer


There is a will where is a way, this proverb suits to driver Ramavat Lakku Naik, who hails from small village of Guditandi of Mahboobnagar district of Andhra pradesh, youngest son of 90 years old widow Panni.

If you visit Hyderabad then you will find 46 years old Naik, who greets the visitor with broad smile and will converse you in three languages i.e. Telugu, English and Hindi. If you talk with him the you will get lots of information about the state and if you talk about his life then your inquisitiveness will increase and you can’t stop without his appreciation. A 46 years old person nurtured his four ward and eldest ward is a teacher in government school and second is pursuing MBBS from private medical college and third is doing B Tech and fourth is doing 10+2. He did it as a mission by sacrificing his routine life.

Talking to dainiknation Naik said that he belongs to small village of Andhra Pradesh and his father was not educated so he did not force him to pursue study. Realising his economic background somehow he completed his tenth. Thereafter he came to hyderabad for ITI degree. Meanwhile his parent solemnized his marriage with an uneducated girl Lakshmi. After completed his ITI the management  told him to go for apprenticeship and was offering Rs 700 per month. That time he stuck into catch 20-20 situation whether he go for apprenticeship or meet his family expense. He decided to earn money and started his career as an auto driver. He says he leaves his home by 4.30am with a tiffin and did not spend a penny on tea or snack whole day. With this auto he procured four more auto rickshaw and hired four drivers with an hope that he would earn more but they did not happen. Fed up with lame excuses of auto dirvers’ he sold his all five autos and bought 50 square yard land in Hyderbabd and built a hut there. Meanwhile he got job in Ramoji film City (RFC) and worked there till 2006. Meanwhile he learnt Hindi and English too.

Meanwhile he got married with an uneducated girl known as Lakshmi,, who knew Telugu only in communication, and become father of four ward. He ensured their admission in government school. His children started taking advantage of their illiterate mother because they used to sit by opening their book in-front of her. By seeing this their mother used to feel proud but one day Naik returned to his home early and found their ward were busy in drawing and other works. When he enquired with his wife said that they do similar things daily and she believes that they are studying.

Despite knowing his meager earning he decided to put his ward into boarding school. Being a driver he had understand the importance of education. Meanwhile his wife started stitching work so he used to return home early to help her because his salary was not enough for all this upcoming expense. He quits the job in the year 2006. He bought a car on loan and his journey to earn more money begins from here. Meanwhile Hyderabad airport become operational on January 9, 2008. He stopped going home daily sometime even on week because he started sleeping in his car by parking on road side so whenever people asks then he ferry them upto their destination. By doing this his earning increased in many fold so he managed to meet their wards’ school expense easily. Now his eldest daughter is a government teacher and married and having three kids. Second ward or eldest son is pursuing MBBS third year in  private medical college and Third or youngest daughter is pursuing B Tech from private engineering college. Fourth or youngest son is studying in 10+2.

Even he built a house to give respectful life to his wife too. Now his proud parent, who lives in Mahboobnagar, quite often visit to his newly built house in Hyderabad. He did all this as mission. Although he lost his father, who died at the age of 100 years, in the year 2012.

Sharing his vivid memory he says that when Airport becomes operational on January 9, 2008 then there was limited number of taxi service available there so he started ferrying the passenger seven to ten times daily. Sometime he earned Rs 10-12000 per day and he did not even get time to sleep or having food. Now he built a double storey building over the land and having two tenant.


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