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Deadly earthquake strikes Taiwan’s East Coast, Triggering Tsunami Warnings in Japan and Philippines

earthquake in morocco

One person died and more than 50 others injured due to 7.2 magnitude earthquake striking Taiwan’s east coast, as reported by Reuters on Wednesday, citing Taiwan’s fire department. Following a powerful earthquake in Taiwan, a tsunami warning initially issued for Miyakojima and Okinawa islands in Japan has been downgraded from a warning to an advisory, according to CNN, citing Japan’s ...

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Devastating Earthquake Strikes Morocco, Leaving Hundreds Dead and Injured

earthquake in morocco

DAINIK Nation BUREAU : In a tragic turn of events, Morocco’s High Atlas mountains were rocked by a powerful earthquake on Saturday, leading to a devastating loss of life and widespread destruction. State television has reported that at least 632 lives have been lost as a result of this natural disaster, sending shockwaves of grief and sorrow across the nation. ...

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Spanish Football Federation Chief Luis Rubiales Suspended by FIFA Amid Uproar

Luis Rubiales

DAINIK NATION BUREAU : FIFA’s Disciplinary Committee has taken the decision to provisionally suspend Luis Rubiales, the head of the Spanish football federation (RFEF), for a period of 90 days. This decision follows a notable incident that unfolded after Spain’s victory at the Women’s World Cup, where Rubiales was seen grabbing player Jenni Hermoso’s head and kissing her on the ...

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Rishi Sunak’s Identity Beyond Politics: Attends Ram Katha at Cambridge

UK PM RIshi Sunak

DAINIK NATION BUREAU : In a unique departure from his political persona, Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor of the Exchequer in the United Kingdom, attended a Ram Katha event at Cambridge, reaffirming his deep connection to his cultural and religious heritage. The move reflects his dedication to embracing his identity beyond his political role and his commitment to maintaining a harmonious ...

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Pakistan Government Set to Dissolve Parliament on August 8: Report


DAINIK NATION BUREAU : In a significant political development, the government of Pakistan is reportedly planning to dissolve the country’s parliament on August 8. This move, if confirmed, would mark a crucial step in the nation’s political landscape, paving the way for fresh elections and potential shifts in power dynamics. As the dissolution of parliament looms, it is essential to ...

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Love Beyond Borders: Pakistani Woman and Indian Man Interrogated over Cross-Border Relationship

pakistani woman seema haider

DAINIK NATION BUREAU : The recent interrogation of Seema Haider, a Pakistani woman, and Sachin Meena, an Indian man, by anti-terror officials has brought attention to an unusual love story that transcends borders. The couple reportedly met through the popular online game PUBG and fell in love. However, their unique journey has raised questions about the complexities of love in ...

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Convicted Abuser Larry Nassar Brutally Stabbed in Prison by Fellow Inmate

Larry Nassar

DAINIK NATION BUREAU : Convicted sexual abuser Larry Nassar, once a renowned doctor for the United States Gymnastics team, has once again made headlines, this time due to a shocking incident in prison. Nassar, who is currently serving a lengthy prison sentence for sexually abusing numerous athletes under his care, was reportedly stabbed 10 times by another inmate. This act ...

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India Faces Higher Oil Prices as Russia Trims Discount to 4%


DAINIK NATION BUREAU : The long-standing oil trade between Russia and India has recently witnessed a significant reduction in the discount offered by Russia. The discount, which was previously at a higher rate, has now been scaled down to 4%. While this development may have implications for India’s energy security and economic stability, the issue of opaque delivery charges remains ...

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Preserving European Charm : Tourists warned of fines for dragging suitcases in scenic cities


DAINIK NATION BUREAU : While exploring the picturesque streets and alleys of European cities is a dream for many travelers, dragging heavy suitcases can be an arduous task. To discourage this practice and preserve the beauty of their historic city centers, some European destinations have implemented measures to deter tourists from dragging their suitcases along the cobblestone streets. The enforcement ...

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Job Seekers’ Ordeal: Allegations of Sexualized Interviews Emerge from Bill Gates’ Office

bill gates

DAINIK NATION BUREAU : In a shocking revelation, allegations of sexual misconduct have surfaced involving job applicants at the office of tech billionaire Bill Gates. According to a report, several women who applied for positions within Gates’ organization were subjected to sexually explicit questions during the interview process. These disturbing allegations have raised concerns about workplace culture and gender equality, ...

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