Modi and Dhami
Modi Dhami deep bonding

PM Modi and CM Dhami’s strong partnership evident in Rudrapur Rally

Strong bonding between India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami witnessed once again during the Rudrapur rally today. Their deep bonding always referred to as “Jugalbandhi,” has been the subject of much attention whenever they come together.

Their bond was highlighted during an address in Mana village, where CM Dhami referred to Mana as the first village instead of the last. PM Modi not only endorsed this statement from the stage but also propelled Mana village to international recognition as the first village of India.

Whenever CM Dhami meets PM Modi, whether discussing state issues or seeking approval for important schemes, their discussions are known to be fruitful. For instance, projects like Saung in Dehradun and Jamrani Dam in Kumaon were greenlit after PM Modi’s consent.

This strong partnership was also evident during PM Modi’s visit to Adi Kailash, which garnered global attention. Thanks to CM Dhami’s forward-thinking approach, helicopter services for tourists have been launched in these areas under the UDAN scheme.

During today’s Rudrapur rally, PM Modi and CM Dhami were seen engaged in lengthy discussions, reflecting their shared vision for the state. Pictures of their interaction are now circulating widely.


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