CM Pushkar Singh Dhami
CM Pushkar Singh Dhami

CM Dhami urges Telangana voters to upturn corruption, backs BJP’s Warangal candidate

Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami took to the streets of Warangal, Telangana, rallying support for BJP candidate Aroori Ramesh in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. Addressing a fervent crowd, Dhami underscored the need to root out corruption, targeting both the BRS and Congress parties. He called upon voters to deliver a resounding message at the polls, ensuring a defeat for these parties synonymous with malpractice and malfeasance.

Expressing gratitude for the overwhelming turnout despite scorching temperatures, Chief Minister Dhami emphasized the significance of bolstering Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership. He highlighted Modi’s unwavering dedication over the past decade, attributing India’s rapid progress and global recognition to the Prime Minister’s relentless efforts. Dhami urged voters to honor Modi’s commitment by electing him for a third term, envisioning a future where India ascends as a formidable global power under Modi’s stewardship.

In his speech, Dhami lambasted the Congress for its electoral promises, accusing them of perpetuating corruption and vote-bank politics. He rebuked Congress’s manifesto pledge to reserve quotas for specific groups, decrying it as a ploy to extract votes at the expense of honest taxpayers. Dhami urged the electorate to thwart Congress’s divisive tactics and reject their misleading rhetoric about amending the constitution.

Appealing to the people of Warangal, Dhami called for unified support to combat corruption and usher in a new era of prosperity under Modi’s leadership. He rallied Telangana voters to rally behind the BJP, pledging to spearhead development initiatives that would transform Warangal’s infrastructure and enhance its socio-economic landscape. Prominent figures including Keerthi Reddy, Sri Nivas Reddy, Rajeshwar, and others joined Dhami in his impassioned call for change.

The roadshow underscored Chief Minister Dhami’s growing influence beyond Uttarakhand, resonating with audiences in South India and galvanizing support for the BJP’s electoral endeavors in Telangana.


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