A youth’s amputated hand replanted by surgeon in doon


A youth known as Subhash, whose hand amputated because his hand crushed in grass cutting machine, hand replanted by a doctor after around eight hour long surgery here in Dehradun. With this successful surgery doctor has given new life to him and new hope to the people who believes that if their body part gets amputated then his life would be over. The miracle made possible by a noted surgeon Dr Tarun Jain and his team of synergy hospital, Dehradun.

Talking to www.dainiknation.com Dr Jain said that Subhash’s hand got amputated from elbow while chopping grass for animal on October 14. He was rushed to the nearby hospital in Roorkee, Haridwar and later he was referred to synergy hospital, Dehradun. After 7 hour 15 minutes long operation he did a successful replantation of left arm amputated from elbow. Now patient is responding well and will be discharged in next few days. He will further require for functional improvement.

Dr Jain further advised to the people that whenever you come across with such case then you keep the amputated part in plastic bag and then sealed it with ice cube then you rush to the hospital as soon as possible. He further said that if you follow these tips then chance of revival would be more imminent. If chopped part gets infected and arrival of hospital delayed then chances become thinner hour after hour.




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