Do u feel pain while combing your hair?


Do u like long and healthy hair? Do u feel pain while combing your hair due to its dryness? If yes, then this is for you only. You can nourish your hair without using irons or keratin treatment. For this you only need an ingredient i.e. vegetable Glycerin, which is easily available on your cupboard. It is a medicine sent from heaven for the person who suffer dryness in their hair so you can correct it with glycerin.

The one thing that makes dry hair unbearable to live is its hardness. The hair-wash days mean clogged drains full of brittle hair. Let’s don’t talk about what happens after your hair dry naturally. It looks like untidy nest where even the birds would not prefer to live. Although you can get rid of this problem by using vegetable glycerin. For this you just mix equal amount of water and glycerin with two-three drops of essential oil. Spray this mixture immediate after bath.

Before this you make sure whether your vegetable glycerin is natural or not? Otherwise it will double the dryness of your hair. Some other varieties may contain animal fat and petroleum jelly, which has drying property. Vegetable glycerin mixed with essential oils seals in the moisture and work all the way down to the scalp. Even beauty experts suggest no to synthetic glycerin because it may contain carcinogenic substances. That is why it is being advised to make use of vegetable glycerin.


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