Beware, if you are going to attend marriage this wedding season


Beware, if you are planning to attend marriage ceremony in coming wedding season then you must enquire whether the girl is adult or not otherwise you may have to face legal hassle in future. Recently court has pronounced jail to the witness of either side i.e. Bride and Bridegroom under child marriage act in Uttarakhand on October 30.

Special Session Court judge Gyanendra Kumar Verma has found them guilty under child marriage Act. As per the report a family had solemnized her 13-year-old daughter’s marriage with a 38-year-old boy Gajendra singh, in Almora on February 27, 2017. Court has pronounced life imprisonment to bride’s father and 10 years imprisonment each to bride’s grandfather, bridegroom and priests of either side. Bride’s father and mother have been languishing jail for the last eight months. Other accused, who had been released on bail earlier, were sent back to jail with immediate effect. Public prosecutor (criminal) Girish Chandra pholara, APP Bhupendra Kumar Joshi and Shekhar Chandra Nainwal had produced eight witness during proceedings.

During proceeding court found that bride father Rajan Ram committed crime under human trafficking act section 370 (4) so pronounced life imprisonment to him and also found guilty under 120 B so imposed Rs 5000 cash punishment too. If he fails to pay punishment amount then he will have to spend another three months in jail. Besides it, under child marriage act section 10 he has to spend two year jail and Rs 5000 cash punishment too.

Court has also pronounced life imprisonment to bridegroom Gajendra Singh s/ Nanua resident of Aligarh. Others including  sundari devi, pushpa devi, meghendra singh, bhanwar singh, jagdish ram and Priest Devendra Kumar, , who had facilitated the match making, have been found accused under section 370 (4), 120B so they have been sent to jail for 10 years and Rs 5000 cash punishment to each. If they fail to pay Rs 5000 then they will to stay in jail for another three months.

Court has imposed Rs 5000 cash punishment to bride’s mother Bhawani Devi  and if she fails then she will have to languish jail for three months.imposed cash punishment of Rs 5000. As she was languishing jail fo the last eight months so she has been released with immediate effect.


It happened because child helpline had received a phone call on february 28, 2017 that a 38 year old resident of Alirgarh UP got married with a 13 years old girl and now they are about to leave. Taking cognizance on it Revenue sub inspector rushed to the spot and arrested them with immediate effect.


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