155 death happens per day in UK says ECI


Strange but true, in Uttarakhand 56148 people have died and 84501 people have left their village in last one year. Ironically Uttarakhand government keeps boasting that they are doing everything to check migration from village but the figure rejects all such claims. It reveals that 4679 people have died per month while 7041 persons have migrated from their village in between Oct 2016-Sept 2017. Now question is that will government verify how these death happened? For this both previous and incumbent regime are equally important because both have ruled six month each between these period.

As we know that former Chief Minister Harish Rawat used to claim that he promoted local agriculture produce like Koda, Mandua, Jhangora to increase the villagers’ income and eventually it would address migration too. Similarly, chief minister Trivendra Singh Rawat has been claiming since his inception as CM of the state, that he would check migration by providing better health facility and education and job opportunity too.  But if we analyse the data then between Oct-Sept both Ex-CM Rawat and incumbent CM TS Rawat have ruled six months each in the state but death figure shows 155 deaths per day happened while migration happened 234 people per day.

Talking to the media Chief Electoral Officer (CEO), Uttarakhand Radha Raturi has said while declaring date for electoral list revision, 56148 name deleted due to death; 84501 name deleted due to migration while 11704 deleted due to duplicacy in between October 2016-september 2017. Although she did not give any specific reason about these deaths and migration. She further said that people can add their name into voters list by submitting application form before Booth Level Officer (BLO) and District Election Office (DEO) or through online

Ironically Politician makes giant promises during election campaign or public address but they seldom implement their promises on ground which is why migration from the state is happening with fast pace. It has raised question mark that Will government conduct enquiry to ascertain the reason of these death ? As we know that state’s population is 1,01,16,752 as per the census 2011 while death rate 155 per day as per Election Commission of India (ECI) voters list. Although government may claim that 84501 people have shifted to other nearby place which is why they did not make correction into their voter list. If this is a reason then it seems people have lost their interest in election otherwise they would have approached to ECI for inclusion of their new address into the list. For them ECI is going to launch campaign in between October 10-Novemer 10 this year.


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