Nashik’s onion traders resumed their trading


Following on the intervention of Nashik district’s onion traders have called off their strike and resumed auctions of the commodity on Monday, except in Lasalgaon, which may open on Tuesday.

After meeting with the nashik district collector (DC) Radhakrishnan B on Sunday, traders had agreed to open onion auctions at agriculture produce market committees (APMCs) in the Nashik district, except Lasalgaon APMC, from Monday.

Auction could not take place at Lasalgaon, the largest APMC for onions in the country, due to heavy rain in the last few days and lack of place for the traders, but the exercise will resume by Tuesday.

As we know that state government had threatened to cancel the licences of onion traders who fail to resume auctions in the APMCs of Lasalgaon, Pimpalgaon, Umrane, Deola and Kalvan from Monday, and in response, traders opened their shutter.

Ironically Income Tax officials had conducted raids in the godowns to prevent hoardings and black marketing of the onion so they had down their shutter since September 15

An officials said that at Pimpalgaon Baswant prices of the onions were Rs 1,620 to Rs 1,150 per quintal. DC Radhakrishnan said onion traders should take care of onion growers and if traders have any problem they should approach us, and the district administration will resolve the issues.

In spite of the heavy demand for onions from Nashik due to crop failure in states like Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh, farmers claimed that they were not getting the right price


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