Police to buy water drone; DGP


Uttarakhand state police would be the first in India to purchase under- water drones with an estimated cost of Rs three lakh for each. The device would bring photograph from under the water, helping the police to conduct rescue and relief operation in the rivers. Informing, the state director general of police Anil K Raturi said on Saturday that it would save lives and help them retrieve bodies during the time of the disaster.


IG (modernization) Sanjay Kumar Gunjyal said that the Central government has approved fund worth  Rs 2.73 crore to  help the force to purchase equipments under the police modernisation scheme.  “In the last financial year 2016-17, Rs 5.75 crore was released under police modernisation by the Central government. Even after the force would procure the equipments Uttarakhand police would be able to save  Rs 63.5 lakh from the funds released by the Centre,” he said.

He further said that side scan sonar system worth around RS 38 lakhs would be purchased under police modernization fund.  “The sonar works by sending pulses of sound waves out into the water and recording the waves that bounce back to create an image. It is a new type of imaging technique, one that works in a similar way to an MRI scanner at a hospital,” he added.


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