Sri Kainchi dham tehsil order
Sri Kainchi dham tehsil order

Koshyakutoli Tehsil Renamed to Pargana Shri Kainchi Dham, CM Dhami announced Modi govt approves

Koshyakutoli tehsil in Nainital district will now be officially known as Pargana Shri Kainchi Dham tehsil. This name change has been approved by the Government of India, following a proposal from the Uttarakhand government. The decision has been enthusiastically received by local residents and devotees of Baba Neeb Karori Maharaj, who have expressed their gratitude to Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami.

Chief Minister Dhami had announced the renaming during the foundation day celebrations of Kainchi Dham temple on June 15 last year. The proposal was subsequently sent to the central government for approval, which has now been granted, marking a significant milestone for the region.

Devotees of Baba Neeb Karori Maharaj have welcomed this move, highlighting the deep spiritual and cultural significance of Kainchi Dham. They noted that millions of devotees from around the country and the world hold great faith in Baba Neeb Karori Maharaj, and the name change is a reflection of their devotion and the area’s importance.

Every day, a large number of devotees visit Kainchi Dham for darshan. In response to the increasing number of visitors, the Uttarakhand government has been working to enhance the facilities at the site. Kainchi Dham has also been included in the Manaskhand Mandirmala Mission, a state initiative aimed at the holistic development of significant temples and pilgrimage sites.

This initiative by Chief Minister Dhami is seen as a step towards honoring the spiritual legacy of Baba Neeb Karori Maharaj and supporting the needs of the growing number of devotees visiting Kainchi Dham.


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