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‘Bharat’ Takes Center Stage: PM Modi’s Unique Identification at G20 Summit

DAINIK NATION BUREAU : At the G20 Summit Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was uniquely identified as the leader of ‘Bharat.’ This distinctive nomenclature, used in official documents and the Summit venue, added a layer of symbolism to the proceedings.

As Prime Minister Modi delivered his opening remarks at the Summit, the name card placed in front of him read ‘Bharat,’ a term deeply rooted in India’s history and culture. The choice to refer to India as ‘Bharat’ during the G20 Summit was not arbitrary but held a specific significance, echoing the diverse cultural tapestry and the historical roots of the nation.

‘Bharat’ is not a new name for India; it is a term deeply enshrined in the country’s Constitution alongside ‘India.’ It serves as a reminder of India’s rich heritage and ancient history, emphasizing its continuity as a nation with a cultural legacy dating back thousands of years.

The decision to use ‘Bharat’ in official G20 documents and event invitations may have raised eyebrows and sparked political discussions within India. Some opposition parties raised concerns, suggesting that the government’s intention was to marginalize the term ‘India’ in favor of ‘Bharat.’ Additionally, they linked this development to their own political alliance, named ‘INDIA,’ adding an element of political controversy to the situation.

It’s essential to recognize that the choice to use ‘Bharat’ in this context is not about negating ‘India’ but rather embracing the multifaceted identity of the nation. India, or Bharat, is a country with a rich history and a diverse cultural tapestry that stretches from the Himalayas in the north to the Indian Ocean in the south. This move serves as a reminder of the nation’s deep roots and its continuous journey through the ages.

In the global arena, symbolism carries weight, and the use of ‘Bharat’ at the G20 Summit underlines the country’s unique position as a modern nation with an ancient history. While the political discourse within India continues, it’s important to appreciate the symbolic gesture and recognize the nation’s diverse identity, encompassing both ‘India’ and ‘Bharat.’ These names represent different facets of a country that embraces its past while forging ahead into the future as a global leader in various fields.


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