Uttarakhand state water policy formed

Uttarakhand’s water policy has come into existence after waiting for 19 years. After approval from Raj Bhavan, the government has issued notification of water policy. The policy, based on ecology and development awareness, has a special focus on the regeneration of water resources with the inclusion of traditional methods of water conservation.

The emphasis has been placed on fixing consumption limits to keep the constantly falling level of ground water in check. Dry water bodies have made everyone restless. The NITI Aayog report itself states that about 300 water bodies and small rivers have dried up in the state. Groundwater is also being exploited uncontrollably. In such a situation, there are problems in the state. In view of all this, after a long wait, the state’s policy has been formed.

It was earlier approved by the Cabinet. The policy lays emphasis on providing a framework for planning, development and management of water resources. Also, the availability of water for safe and pure drinking water, sanitation, sewage cleaning and livestock needs, irrigation, hydroelectric projects, ecology, afforestation, biodiversity, ecological tourism, agro-based industries and other uses have been placed at the center of the policy. According to Secretary Irrigation Dr. Bhupinder Kaur Aulakh, hydel policy has been notified after the approval of the Governor.


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