Read-who will perform rituals of Ex PM Vajpayee ?


Ex-PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s ashes will be submerged into Holy Ganga river at Haridwar on Sunday. For this senior leaders including BJP national president Amit Shah along with others are visiting along with Vajpayee’s ashes.

As the news broke then there was rush among the priests for performing rituals. Among the priest Akhilesh Shashtri has shown evidence of Atal’s family, who used to visit along with other member’s ashes for rituals so he would perform rituals. Although two other priests Shailesh Mohan and Upendra Bhakta were claiming that they are real priest of Atal’s family but could not ascertain their claim with evidence.

Ironically Vajpayee had not registered his name in priest’s register but his family members had registered their name. Akhilesh Shashtri belongs to Gwalior, Madhya pradesh. As per his register Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s nephew and brothers had approached him for some rituals in past and they had registered their name in his register too.

As three priest claimed that they are real priest of Atal’s family then Ganga Sabha conducted investigation and asked them to prove their claim. During investigation Akhilesh shashtri managed to prove his claim and Ganga sabha has accepted his claim.


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