Daily Archives: October 6, 2017

155 death happens per day in UK says ECI


SUNIL KUMAR/DEHRADUN Strange but true, in Uttarakhand 56148 people have died and 84501 people have left their village in last one year. Ironically Uttarakhand government keeps boasting that they are doing everything to check migration from village but the figure rejects all such claims. It reveals that 4679 people have died per month while 7041 persons have migrated from their ...

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Do u feel pain while combing your hair?

DAINIK NATION BUREAU Do u like long and healthy hair? Do u feel pain while combing your hair due to its dryness? If yes, then this is for you only. You can nourish your hair without using irons or keratin treatment. For this you only need an ingredient i.e. vegetable Glycerin, which is easily available on your cupboard. It is ...

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