school evacuated in delhi
Schools receive bomb threat

Teenage Boy Nabbed for Bomb Threat Email to Delhi Police Headquarters

In a concerning incident, a teenage boy has been apprehended by the Delhi Police for allegedly sending a bomb threat email to the Delhi Police headquarters, stating that an explosive device had been planted in the Nangloi area of outer Delhi. Following the receipt of the email, authorities conducted a thorough search in the specified area, only to find no evidence of any explosives.

The sender of the email was identified to be a teenage boy, who was subsequently caught by law enforcement officials. Prior to being handed over to his parents, the young individual was provided with counseling by the police.

Notably, the Delhi Police Headquarters, located on Jai Singh Road in central Delhi, stands approximately 18 kilometers away from the Nangloi area mentioned in the threatening email.

In response to inquiries, the Delhi Police Headquarters released a statement indicating that the sender of the email is a minor, and as per the provisions of the Juvenile Justice Act, details regarding his identity cannot be disclosed to the public.

Describing the incident as an act of mischief, the statement further clarified that the juvenile underwent counseling sessions before being reunited with his parents. The authorities have emphasized the need for swift action against such instances of hoax threats, underlining the importance of maintaining public safety and security.

As investigations into the matter continue, the Delhi Police remains vigilant in deterring any potential threats to the city’s peace and order, urging citizens to refrain from engaging in unlawful activities that disrupt societal harmony.


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