Will PM Modi create 10m job in next two years?


Prime Minister Narendra Modi had come to power three years ago with a promise to poor and middle class people that he would restore their dignity by creating job opportunity.  But now job market has been squeezing since demonetization, which had announced on November 8, 2016, and implementation of Goods and service tax (GST) since july this year.

Current situation indicates that worse to happen in coming days. As per rough estimate India is set to see around 30-40 percent reduction of job in manufacturing sector in comparison with last year. People says that PM Modi had promised that he would create 10 million new job per year which means he was suppose to create job of 30 million till 2017 because he took oath as prime minister in May 2014.

The opposition, which had failed to even occupy leader of opposition post during general election 2014, is yet to prepare themselves to give fight to PM Modi in upcoming general election-2019.

“If India cannot give the millions of people entering the job market employment, anger will increase, and it has the potential to derail what has been built so far,” Rahul Gandhi, heir-apparent to the main opposition Indian National Congress party, said in a speech at the University of California, Berkeley, on Sept. 11. “That will be catastrophic for India and the world beyond it.”

Even MP Subramanian Swami has categorically told “ I have conveyed my observation to PM Modi that Indian economy is heading for a deep depression”

Even RSS- which is parent body of BJP, has warned the BJP of signs of a shift in the public mood over the government’s performance. Although PM Modi is still popular among mass especially youth but he will have to work hard to revive the economy.

State PCC president Preetam Singh has said that PM Modi had projected rosy picture to mass which is why they voted with a hope that they would get Rs 1500000 into their bank account. As youth who had enrolled in graduation or BTech or other streams during 2014, had faith that when they would complete their degree then they would get better job opportunity but now their expectation has started fading.

Although BJP national president Amit Shah, who was on Dehradun tour between September 19-20, has clarified that we had said that government would bring black money,w hich are parked in foreign bank. It is common observation that if money would come then government would execute more public welfare works.



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