Diabetes complications appear in second decade of hyperglycemia; Dr SK Varun

DAINIK NATION BUREAU Once the diagnosis is made, attention should be directed to symptoms related to diabetes (acute and chronic) and classifying the type of diabetes. DM and its complications produce a wide range of symptoms and signs; those secondary to acute hyperglycemia may occur at any stage of the disease, whereas those related to chronic hyperglycemia begin to appear ...

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Youth becoming diabetic due to malnutrition: Dr Varun

DAINIK NATION BUREAU The underlying cause of diabetes is insulin deficiency which is absolute in type 1 diabetes and partial in type 2 diabetes. Although diabetes may occur at any age, surveys indicate that prevalence  rises steeply with age. Type 2 diabetes usually comes to middle years of life and thereafter begins to rise in frequency. Malnutrition  related diabetes affects ...

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De-stress yourself by writing your worry on paper

DAINIK NATION BUREAU Are you under stress and anxiety due to an office assignment? You can relieve your stress without having to affect your work. You just express those feelings on a sheet of paper to cool your brain. It has been proven in a study that writing out your feelings on paper can help in reducing stress levels and ...

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Mother’s breast feed can save premature baby’s life

DAINIK NATION BUREAU Now it is medically proven that Mother’s breast milk can help premature babies get metabolic boost, as per the study report that may lead to better baby formula. Researcher of Pennsylvania state university in the US compared the breast milk of mothers with babies born premature-between 28-37 weeks gestation or after 38 weeks. They examined whether there ...

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Dehradun fashion week-2017 begins

DAINIK NATION BUREAU The first day of the three-day long Dehradun Fashion Week and Lifestyle Show 2017 commenced at Hotel Solitaire. The show stopper of the evening was ‘Jana na dil se door’ fame Actress Priyanka Kandwal. She during the show walked the ramp for Dehradun based designer Reena Kaur. Under the banner of Sinmit Communications, Dehradun Fashion Week and ...

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