Pushkar Singh Dhami
Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami

BJP declares candidates for upcoming assembly bypolls of Uttarakhand

In a significant announcement, the BJPhas declared Rajendra Bhandari as its candidate for the Badrinath assembly constituency and Kartar Singh Bhadana as its candidate for the Mangalore assembly constituency for the upcoming assembly by-elections in Uttarakhand. The announcement has been met with enthusiasm and optimism among party members and supporters.

Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami extended his hearty congratulations and best wishes to both candidates. “I have full confidence that under the leadership of respected PM Narendra Modi, the godlike people of both constituencies will approve the public welfare policies of the double engine government and make BJP victorious with huge votes like in the Lok Sabha elections,” he stated. Dhami emphasized the importance of continuing the development journey of the region and expressed his belief that the people will contribute to this cause by supporting the BJP candidates.

Rajendra Bhandari, known for his dedication and service to the community, has been chosen to represent the Badrinath assembly constituency. Bhandari has a long history of working tirelessly for the welfare of the people in his region. His candidacy is seen as a strategic move to further strengthen the BJP’s presence in the constituency, which is home to one of the most revered pilgrimage sites in India.

Speaking on his selection, Bhandari said, “I am honored to be given this opportunity to serve the people of Badrinath. I will work relentlessly to address their issues and bring more development to our constituency.”

Kartar Singh Bhadana, the BJP candidate for the Mangalore assembly constituency, is equally respected for his commitment to social and economic development. His efforts in improving infrastructure and public services have earned him widespread recognition and support from the local population.

Bhadana expressed his gratitude to the party and the leadership for entrusting him with this responsibility. “I am committed to ensuring that the benefits of the government’s policies reach every corner of Mangalore. Together, we will achieve new heights of progress and prosperity,” he said.

The BJP, under the leadership of PM Modi, has been focused on implementing policies aimed at the holistic development of the country. The double engine government, referring to the synergy between the central and state governments, has been pivotal in driving numerous development projects across Uttarakhand. This collaborative approach has resulted in significant improvements in infrastructure, healthcare, education, and social welfare programs.

CM Dhami highlighted the role of these by-elections in sustaining the momentum of development. “The support from the people in these by-elections will be crucial in maintaining the pace of progress and ensuring that the benefits of development reach every citizen,” he remarked.

A Call for Unity and Support

As the by-elections approach, the BJP is calling on the people of Badrinath and Mangalore to unite and support their candidates. The party’s leadership is confident that the voters will recognize the progress made under the current government and will vote to continue this trajectory of growth and prosperity.

The declaration of Rajendra Bhandari and Kartar Singh Bhadana as BJP candidates marks a significant step towards ensuring continued development and effective governance in Uttarakhand. The party is gearing up for a robust campaign, with a focus on highlighting the achievements of the double engine government and the vision for future progress.


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