Millionaire 6 year old Youtuber makes deal with retail giant Walmart

Every child in the world loves to play with toys. One such child is such that he has become a millionaire by playing with toys. Not only this, a company like Walmart has also struck a deal with this child. This child’s name is Ryan. Ryan uploaded a video on YouTube last year. Through this video, Ryan has earned more than $ 10 million. Ryan has 6 channels on YouTube, on which there are videos related to toy review. These videos have seen more than $ 1.5 million people. By earning so much, this child has become the 8th highest paid person on YouTube.
Ryan reviewed toys from the age of three. He analyzes every toy he gets his hands on. He also gives information about the details. By watching these reviews on YouTube, people choose better toys for their children.Ryan has made toys in his name which will be sold in America. Ryan’s made toys will be sold on more than 2500 stores and websites located in Walmart’s America. The sale of these toys will start from October.
Ryan’s parents began uploading their son’s recorded videos on YouTube since March 2015. Ryan’s first video was on the Lego box toy.


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