HC bans allotment of govt land along river


Taking cognizance on the PIL, High Court has imposed ban on the allotment of land along river by the government. Court has also sought information about the details of such allotment in the past and also asked to remove such encroachment after verification.

With this order land encroacher, who have grabbed or sold the land on the name of cultivation along the river, under deep stress. Its impact would be visible in plain districts like Dehradun, Udhamsinghnagar and Haridwar. Althoug such impact would be visible in hills too but its quantity would be lesser than plains

Dehradun resident Pawan Kumar has raised question mark over the Zamindari abolition Act-132 A, under which such land has been alotted among the beneficiery. The land usullay comes under the submerged land, which happens during rainy season so people use the land for cultivation of fodder or season fruits like watermelon, cucumber etc.

Justice Rajiv Sharma and Justice Manoj Kumar has instructed Revenue Secretary to constitute a committee and submit its report in next three months. Even court has asked to submit details about what action government has taken against such encroachment. Court has also asked to make sure such encroachment should not happen in future.

Petitoner has alleged that government has alloted such land for other than agriculture purpose too. Although government informed to the court that they have not made such allotment anywhere in the state. Even government has cancelled such allotment whichever comes under this. Such land quantity higher in plains than hills.


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