Principal among 18 accused in gangrape of minor girl in Bihar

A case of gangrape of a 15-year-old 10th class student in a private school in Parsagarh, Ekma police station in Saran district of Bihar has come to light. In all 18 people including the school principal, teachers and students have been charged. This shameful event of gang rape lasted seven months. The police arrested the principal of the school, a teacher and two students in this case. Police have constituted SIT for the arrest of other accused. However, accused Principal Uday Kumar alias Mukund said that due to the increasing popularity of the school, some people have fabricated malicious conspiracy. “I am completely innocent in this case” said the principal.

The victim has told the police that a boy from the school forced himself on her. Another boy saw them. Saying that her ordeal would be made public one after another students kept assaulting her in the washroom. However, her ordeal didn’t end there as the principal and a teacher of the school also blackened the victim and exploited haer. About 18 people have sexually exploited by the victim since December 2017.

The victim was not able to give any information of her gangrape to anyone in her family. In a case of dispute, her father was in jail. There was her mother and a brother at home. A month ago, when the father came home after leaving the jail, the student took a month to give information about the inhuman act being done with her. Eventually, on Thursday night, she informed the father about the whole incident. On Friday, the father reached the police station.

After reaching the police station, the police came into action. Chhapra SDPO Ajay Kumar Singh of Ekma police station went to the said school investigated the matter. Police immediately arrested Principal Uday Kumar alias Mukund, teacher Balaji, student Rohit Kumar alias Golu and Mohit Kumar. The police are continuously carrying out raid for the arrest of the other accused. Its command itself is being handling the SDPO. Given the seriousness of the incident, SDPO has come out in the raid with the police force for the arrest of the accused. On the same day, Chhapra Mahila Police Station officer-in-chief took the victim to the Sadar Hospital Chhapra for medical examination.


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