PM Modi can’t look into my eyes; RaGa


Narendra Modi led NDA government is working for the welfare of the few businessmen, who were suits, but he keeps promising to the mass. Now he has realised his loophole which is why he has been trying to paint rosy picture before mass. He expressed these views while participating in no confidence motion, which was mooted by TDP, in lok sabha on Friday. The no-confidence motion — an extension of Andhra Pradesh’s demand for special status that would involve extensive financial benefits for the state — was moved on Wednesday.

During election he had promised that he would generate two crore employment per annum and would give Rs 15 lakh to each citizen of this country. He is unpredictable which is why he took decision of demonetisation out of sudden. Later he imposed GST. With this decision he has empower income tax to enter into the premises of small shopkeepers. Although being a chief minister of Gujarat he had opposed the GST when Dr Manmohan Singh led UPA II regime wanted to implement GST.

He reiterated the he would make house full of congress. Congress has built this country which is why he has attachment with this country and its people. He said that he does not believe in hate politics but he would make efforts to bridge gap between the people. with this note he left his seat and went upto the PM Modi’s seat and first he hugged the PM and later he returned to his seat. With this action he amazed everyone even PM could not hide his laughter. Although he was listening opposition allegation silently.


Congress chief Rahul Gandhi attacked PM Modi on multiple issues including the Rafale deal, saying the PM is not a “chowkidaar (guard)” but a “bhagidaar” (participant). “Everybody understands the relationship the PM has with certain business people. The Rafale deal was given to one such person and he benefitted thousands of crores… I can see he (PM) is smiling but there is a touch of nervousness. And now he cannot look me in the eye”.

He also spoke of a “political weapon” called “jumla strike”. “The symptoms are a great sense of happiness, a feeling shock and then 8-hour-long speeches,” he said. BJP MPs tried his best to kill the RaGa time alloted by the speaker of the house by creating uproar and the Speaker had to adjourn the house for several minutes.

The BJP has the numbers to sail through the no-trust motion. But the party hopes to make a splash with two-thirds majority when votes are counted at the end of the marathon debate, that is widely seen as a launch pad for its campaign for the 2019 general elections.

The total number in Lok Sabha has shrunk to 495 as the BJD walked out and the Shiv Sena stayed away. The majority mark is at 249. The government is expecting 330 votes, counting in the support of AIADMK. The parties opposing the government are expected to muster 154 votes.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who will reply to the debate, tweeted this morning, calling for a “constructive, comprehensive and disruption free” debate on what he said was an important day in India’s parliamentary democracy. “We owe this to the people & the makers of our Constitution. India will be watching us closely,” he wrote.

The BJP, which was accused of stalling the no-trust move last time, is seen as changing its approach. Sources said it was because the party felt that once the no-trust vote is debated and defeated, the opposition would not have any excuse to disrupt proceedings in parliament.


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