One person washed away in Bhaghirathi in Devprayag

An unknown person was swept away in Bhagirathi river in Devprayag. The people present there tried a lot to save the person, but they failed. The police has gathered in the investigation of the person. Subhash Kaushik, SI of Thana Devprayag informed that on Thursday at around 1 in the afternoon, they got information about a person flowing in the Bhagirathi river. The people present there tried a lot to save the person flowing in the river but they were not successful. People present at the scene said that the person is likely to be flown by the Ghat on the river Bhagirathi river, the present people tried to save him, but due to the rapid flow of the river from the Sangam site, he got involved in the waves and he could not be saved.The police team is engaged in the investigation of a man in Ganga. Information about the person in the river is being collected.


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