Woman IAS officer in Haryana accuses superior of sexual molestation

A 28-year-old IAS officer posted in Haryana Government has made sensational allegations of sexual harassment on her senior officer. The woman, IAS, has accused her senior officer of sexual harassment for writing ‘Contrary comment on official files’. The senior official denied the allegations and claimed that the woman officer was advised not to take any wrongdoing in the files received by other officials. The woman officer wrote a post on Facebook giving details of the incident. She wrote that her superior called her in his office on May 22 and threatened her. “He asked me why I am writing this on the files that the department has done wrong.” “The male official allegedly threatened that if she did not stop writing contrary remarks on official files, her annual confidential report (ACR) would be spoiled.
The senior officer called her on 31 May and instructed his staff not to let anyone in his room. The woman officer alleged, “He asked me what kind of work I want to do, I want to do departmental work or work as timepass and then he asked me not to write the opposite comment on the files.” The 28 year old IAS said that, “He told me that he has to explain everything to me like a new bride, and he is explaining me in the same way. She claimed that his behavior was unethical. ” She claimed that on June 6, a senior officer called her in his office at five o’clock and asked her to stay there till¬† 39 minutes past 7 in the evening.
She said, “I was sitting in front of him on the other side of the table. He told me to come near his chair. When I reached the other side of the table, he pretended to teach me to run the computer. I went back to my chair. After some time he stood up and looked for some paper and came closer to my chair and pushed the chair. The woman alleged that senior officials and some of her colleagues are threatening her now. They claimed that “other senior women officers have given her verbal orders that I will not make any written complaint”. She has also written that her police security has been withdrawn and she has sent an email to the President regarding this incident. When senior IAS officer was contacted, he said that charges against him are false and baseless.


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