More than 3000 calls exchanged between Maj Handa and Shailja

Army Major Nikhil Handa exchanged more than 3000 calls and messages since January with the officer’s wife he is accused of murdering, it was revealed in court on Monday. Shailja Dwivedi, the wife of another major, was found at the Delhi cantonment area on Saturday with her throat slit and signs of being run over.

Major Handa, arrested from Meerut near Delhi on Sunday, was sent by a court to four-day police remand. The officer allegedly slit Shailja Dwivedi’s throat with a knife after an argument in the car. He was obsessed with her and wanted to marry her.

“Judging by the number of calls he made, he was too possessive about her,” said police officer Vijay Kumar.

When Shailja Dwivedi, a beauty contest finalist, refused him, Major Handa allegedly slit her throat. Then he pushed her off the car and ran her over to make it look like a hit-and-run, the police suspect.


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