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Nainital High Court acknowledges police jawan’s woes

The Uttarakhand High Court today gave a big relief to the police personnel of the state, while proclaiming their order secured on March 11, 2018.

While giving the important decision today, the High Court has passed the order not to take more than eight hours duties from the policemen on regular basis. It has also ordered to give 45 days of extra salaries in a year.

     Haridwar resident Arun Bhadauria filed a public interest petition saying that in the state, the policemen are doing duty of 10 to 15 hours every day. Because of which the circumstances of living for them are becoming difficult. In the petition, the government was requested to give proper direction. A bench of Justice Rajiv Sharma and Justice Sharad Kumar Sharma passed the petition on Tuesday, giving a historic judgment on the PIL. Court on the recommendation of the State Police Reform Commission for police welfare has encacted upon, making housing scheme for improvement of residential condition, making necessary modifications to the police manual for promotion of service to every policeman, in leisure matters To adopt liberal attitude, to set up special selection commission to fill vacancies, every police station and police in the housing colony, Gym and Swimming pool, gave important guidelines to the state government.

     The court has given the following points in its order: –

(1) Responsible-state is directed to ensure that police personnel will not have to work on stretch for more than eight hours.

(2) The State Government is instructed to pay the extra wages of at least forty-five (45) days for improving the terms of service of the police personnel to abide by the harsh duties.

(3) The State Government has been instructed to make corpus as per the recommendation of a one-member State Police Reform Commission constituted on 13.04.2012 for the welfare of police force for three months from today.

(4) The State Government is advised to start the housing scheme for police personnel to improve the conditions of the police force.

(5) Respondents-the state is instructed to make appropriate amendments in the rules by providing at least three promotions to the police personnel in their entire career to remove the stagnation and improve efficiency.

(6) The Police Department has been instructed to be generous in giving holidays to police personnel. The members of the police force should be properly compensated in the event of the police personnel who received physical injuries, incompetence or death in the line of duty.

(7) The State Government has been specifically asked to recruit qualified doctors for the police force.

(8) The State Government has been instructed to constitute a Special Selection Board for the recruitment of police personnel to fill the vacancies.

(9) The state government has been instructed to provide recreational facilities, including gym and swimming pool etc. in police stations and residential colony.

(10) The State Government is instructed to appoint a psychiatrist in every district, who will advise the police personnel at tremendous pressure and stress.

(11) The State Government is instructed to ensure that traffic police should be given sufficient break by putting rotation system during the discharge of their duties in the summer.

(12) Traffic police should be provided masks to protect them from harmful gases and fumes while discharging traffic duties.

(13) In order to keep all the policemen healthy, health checkst should be done in  three months.

(14) The High Court has also directed the State Government to work in the police shift for good and popular policing.

       With this, in the order of 67 pages, the court has given a lot of relief to the police personnel right now.


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