SpiceJet air-hostesses miffed with administration for conducting strip searches

At the Chennai airport with SpiceJet’s air hostess there was an incident that surprised everyone. The airline’s security personnel reportedly stripped searched the air hostesses. The cabin crew alleges that this inspection is going on for quite few days everytime after landing from the flight. Security is even asking them to remove sanitary pads from handbags. There was a complaint about this at the Gurgaon office of the airline. International flight, which was going to Colombo, was delayed for one hour because the cabin crew protested at the Chennai airport.
A video is being viral in which some air hostesses are protesting against checking. A woman says, “A man touched me oddly, which I did not like very much. At that time I was nude. “Airlines suspect that the cabin crew collect money by selling food and drink products. So, after landing down the flight, they were not allowed to go to the washroom.”


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