No confidence motion against BJP led NDA govt


TDP leader Thota Narasimham moved a no-confidence motion in the Lok Sabha on Friday, hours after party president N Chandrababu Naidu announced in Amaravati that the party was exiting the National Democratic Alliance.

Andhra Pradesh’s ruling party on Thursday had offered to back the YSR Congress’s no-confidence motion but has now said it withdrew the support as it smelt a nexus between it and the BJP.

“We go according to principles. Our leader felt being part of NDA and moving a no-confidence motion would not be ethical. So we withdrew from the NDA and I have issued a letter on no-confidence motion to the speaker at 9.30 am,” Narasimham, the TDP’s floor leader in the Lok Sabha, told reporters.

He said letters would go out to BJP leaders about the party’s decision to exit the alliance. His colleague CM Ramesh added that YSR Congress MP Vijaysai Reddy was seen making attempts to meet the Prime Minister and this hinted at a nexus between the two parties.

“We have no confidence in their no-confidence motion, so we have decided to go on our own,” he said.
“If it is not taken due to lack of time on Friday, on Monday we will get signatures from 54 MPs from various other parties and push for a no-confidence motion vigorously,” Ramesh said.

The motion can be accepted only if it has the support of at least 50 members in the House. Two days ago, two TDP ministers resigned from the Narendra Modi government following the Centre’s refusal to grant Special Category Status to Andhra Pradesh.

“We will support a no-confidence motion, whoever moves it. We will be ready for that and our 16-17 MPs will fully support that. We will cooperate with whoever fights for the state’s rights,” Naidu said in the state Assembly on Thursday.

With the BJP alone having 274 members in the 536-member Lok Sabha and enjoying support of allies, the no-confidence motion, if accepted, is certain to be defeated but it has the potential to put the saffron party in a tight corner in the state.



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