South Africa’s capital city has just enough water to last for 75 days

The South African capital Cape Town is facing a deep water crisis. The lack of water here has become a hazard for the people. After 75 days, it is possible that Cape Town will become the world’s first waterless capital. Due to the drought for continuous three years, the city has reached on the brink of famine due to administrative negligence. Aftwer waking up from slumber, the government has now imposed restriction of 50 liters of water per person per day. It has also announced to impose penalty on more use.

Only a month ago, level six restrictions had placed residents on a daily allowance of 87 liters (about 23 gallons), illustrating the severity of the looming crisis. Officials estimate that if water levels continue to fall as expected, South Africa’s second most populous city will run out of water by April 16, which has been dubbed “Day Zero.”

The city is now working to upgrade its water systems — rushing to build desalination, aquifer and water-recycling projects — and help stretch the current supply, but officials say residents need to step up, too.


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