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PM Modi: Rajasthan Vows to Bring Back BJP Government to Save the State

DAINIK NATION BUREAU : Addressing to public rally in Chittorgarh, Rajasthan Prime Minister Narendra Modi conveyed Rajasthan’s resolute decision to reinstate the BJP government. He emphasized the need to rescue the state from the challenges it has faced.

Prime Minister Modi did not mince words when criticizing the Congress-led government under Ashok Gehlot’s leadership, holding it accountable for what he described as the state’s deterioration over the past five years. In his speech, he lamented, “The Congress government in Rajasthan has brought about the state’s decline in the past five years. It saddens me that the state has topped the crime list, with the highest number of reported cases of crime against women. Is this what the people voted for when they elected the Congress?”

Modi underlined Rajasthan’s determination to reclaim the state by re-electing the BJP government, framing it as a pivotal step toward overcoming the challenges that have arisen.

Addressing the alleged paper leak issue in Rajasthan, the Prime Minister pledged that the perpetrators, often referred to as the “mafia,” would be held accountable and subjected to the “harshest punishment.”

In a light-hearted jab at the internal strife within the Rajasthan Congress, Modi remarked, “The Congress, through deception, managed to secure a government in Rajasthan but faltered in governing. Ashok Gehlot held onto his chief ministerial position while a significant portion of Congress leaders actively sought to replace him.”

The Prime Minister’s speech resonated with the political landscape of Rajasthan, setting the tone for the upcoming election with the promise of change and a focus on addressing pressing issues.


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