IAF officer Abhinandan returns to India

After a long delay tactic by Pakistan, Wing Commander of the Indian Air Force Abhinandan Varthaman was finally back in India at around 9:20 PM local time. For two days he was in the custody of Pakistan. Waiting for Abhinandan to return home from the afternoon finally ended late at night. Thousands of people reached on the border of India in the reception of Abhinandan. Many people came here with Tricolor. A large number of security forces were deployed to handle the crowd. Air Force officials were already present there.
Due to the paperwork, there was delay in his return. Earlier it was said that he would come to India at 4 pm, but after the long paperwork was over, public got his glimpse for the first time at 9.00 pm. At 9.20 pm, he crossed the border and stepped on India’s land. As news of his release came, there was an atmosphere of celebration across the country.


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