Show sting proof on giant screen : CM Rawat to opposition

The state of Uttarakhand  has started buzzing again with political activities after a brief sting episode. In this case Leader of Opposition Dr. Indira Hridayesh, has attacked the government after giving a statement regarding having proof of the sting of those belonging to the ruling party.

Uttarakhand Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat has said in a reversal that if Congress leader Dr Indira Hridayesh has inner strength and morality, then prove her statement and show it on the big screen in Parade Ground in Dehradun. The Chief Minister also disclosed that in the recent body elections, Indira Hridayesh had sent a message to keep less involvement in Haldwani.

Recently, during the assembly session, Leader of the Opposition Dr. Indira Hridayesh spoke directly at the government. She said that she has a sting against the families of the people involved in the government and the officials near them. In this sting case, she has given support to the people sent to jail. She will entrust these evidence to the Lokayukta only.

Her statement was directly linked to Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat. In a program asked in this regard, Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat attacked the opposition counterpart in a quiet manner. He said that Indira Hridayesh is one of the senior politicians of the state. He did not want to say anything on this issue, but now he challenges that she show this sting.

He also said about the opposition leader’s involvement in the recently concluded municipal elections. He said that she was disturbed by the defeat of her son in Haldwani. During the election, she had sent this message to his close proximity that ask the Chief Minister to keep his hand away from the election.

Significantly, Indira Hridayesh’s son was the Congress candidate for Haldwani Municipal Corporation’s Mayor’s post. The Chief Minister said that he is a party worker and a soldier. The party workers are their responsibility and they stay with them wholeheartedly.

On the statement of the Chief Minister, Leader of Opposition, Indira Hridayesh said that on the appointment of the Lokayukta, she is still insisting on the appointment. Zero tolerance and corruption can only be done when Lokayukta is appointed. The evidence will be given to the Lokayukta only then justice will be done.
She said that if the appointment of the Lokayukta is done, then these proofs will not be required to be shown in Parade Ground and all matters will come out automatically. She will not give the proofs to those people who are connected to them.


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