250 attendees of marriage fall ill due to food poisoning

In the Basti village of Kapokot assembly area, more than 225 people who attended a marriage ceremony have fallen sick due to food poisoning. From children, to the elderly all were suffering from vomiting and diarrhea. The former legislator of the area and the gunner of the district panchayat president also fell ill due to food poisoning. The team of doctors has left for the village.

On Thursday, a marriage party from Gadera village of Kapkot block went to Mohan Singh’s house in Basti village. Due to the late arrival of the Baraat, the families (the bride’s side) had already taken food. Later the people also ate food and returned to the baraat. In the late evening, the health of the people and the families started getting worse.
Most people begin to have diarrhea with abdominal pain. On Friday morning, Gram Pradhan Deepa Mehra gave this information to the CMO. Team of doctors have camped in both villages.
The sick people approached the district hospital Bageshwar, Barinag and Kanda hospitals. Team of Dr Brijesh Rawat has reached Basti village while in Gadera village Dr Divaker’s team is taking care of the patients. Doctors have started treatment.  Apart from this, more than a dozen women, men and children are admitted in Kanda and Berinag Hospital. The family of the bride and the groom’s family are also victims of food poisoning.


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