13 year Indian origin whiz kid becomes software company owner in Dubai

A 13-year-old Indian kid living in Dubai is now the owner of the software company. This thing will surely surprise you. But this is absolutely true. At the age when children are busy in school homework and playing games, Aadithyan Rajesh is running a software company at that age. Surprisingly, Aadithyan had made his first mobile application at just 9 years of age. Four years ago, an Indian child, who made his first mobile app at the age of nine, has now become the owner of a software development company in Dubai at the age of 13. According to the report of the Khaleej Times, Aadithyan Rajesh, a student from Kerala, started using computer at the age of five.

This whizkid has started his company “Trinet Solutions” at the age of 13. Aadithyan Rajesh told the English daily in Dubai: “I was born in Thiruvila, Kerala and when I was five years my family came here. For the first time my father had shown me BBC typing. This is a website for children where young people can learn typing”. He said that,” Trent Solutions has 3 employees, who are my friends from school”.


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