Mahipal claims he killed them in a fit of rage


“A rare killing in a fit of rage” is what the Gurugram police have to say about the shocking attack on the wife and son of Additional District and Sessions Judge Krishan Kant by his gunman at a busy market on October 13. After sustained interrogation for two days, the accused gunman, Mahipal, broke down on Monday, claiming he had acted in a fit of rage and it had nothing to do with his religious beliefs.

A senior investigating official quoted him as saying: “I am neither mentally disturbed, nor was I influenced by any religion or religious scripture. I got stuck at a parking lot as another vehicle was blocking the way. They (judge’s wife and son) started making frantic calls. I knew I would be rebuked and decided not to respond. When I returned, they were furious. The boy snatched the car keys from me, telling me to ‘get lost’. I just couldn’t take it from a mere 18-year-old.”

Significantly, Mahipal has so far been mum on why he had called the judge after the shooting incident, which the police believe is important to establish the crime motive. Commissioner of Police KK Rao said they would share all details in a day or two.

The investigating official said there was no evidence thus far that hinted at a religious angle. Pastor Robin, mentioned by the gunman on a social media post, was registered with the local diocese and had reportedly met Mahipal at a communion.

“Mahipal told the interrogating team he did not like being ordered around and addressed by his first name. He admitted to having called judge’s son Dhruv and his wife Ritu as ‘Satan’, a word he had picked up from a Hollywood movie,” the officer said. In Kosli, Rewari, Mahipal’s uncle said it was his day off and he was having his meal when the judge called up, asking him to take his wife and son to a temple and then for shopping. “Mahipal immediately donned his uniform and left,” he said.

“After the shooting incident, Mahipal called up his cousin Manoj, a BSc student, asking him to shift his mother to another place. Saying nothing further, he disconnected the phone. When Manoj called him back, Mahipal’s cellphone was switched off.”

Daan Singh claimed Mahipal had been upset for some time, spending sleepless nights and at times crying in his room. “Mahipal’s younger daughter suffered a hand fracture about 10 days ago. Concerned, he wanted to be away from work on leave.”

On Mahipal’s conversion to Christianity, Daan Singh said he visited a church in Gurugram every weekend but had said nothing about his conversion.


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