AK-47’s recovered from drains in search operation in Bihar’s Munger district

During the search operation in Bihar’s Munger district, 20 AK-47 rifles have been received so far. Police have been exploring the drains flowing in river Ganges during this search operation. All these exercises have been started after the use of AK 47 in many incidents.

Actually, AK 47 spare parts have been seized on large scale from Bihar’s Munger district. The search operation was being conducted from a fortnight after the arms smuggling racket exposed on August 29. Under this, 20 AK 47 and 500 parts were recovered were recovered by the police, which were thrown out.

Police is searching in different parts of Munger district. Munger district has become infamous for the illegal construction of high-quality advanced weapons and ammunition over the last several decades. 281 spare parts of AK 47  have been recovered from the banks of the Ganges.

On Tuesday, the police raided a house in Wardha village, under the same operation. From where the police had recovered 91 spare parts of AK-47 rifle Surprisingly, the members of the house had escaped before the police raided.

Munger Superintendent of Police Baburam said that the police had arrested a woman named Aamna Khatun a fortnight ago. She had disclosed in the interrogation that the AK-47 spare parts were hidden in a well in the village. After this, the police raided there and recovered spare parts.

After the disclosure of this racket of weapons, the investigation found that some rifles recovered were prepared in Central Ordnance Depot in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. From there, they were smuggled to Bihar to reach the Maoists and terrorists.


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