Why a woman lodges complaint against her mother & husband?


A woman has lodged a complaint against her mother and husband and alleges that they hatched a conspiracy to sale her kidney.

A pregnant woman has lodged complaint against her husband and mother. In which she alleges that they keep beating me and trying to sale her kidney.

she further alleges that her month had solmenised her marriage with a person resident of Jaspur. Later her husband took her in a rented accomodation. she also said that she got suspicious when she heard verbal fight between her mother and husband over money on mobile. During which she come to know that her mother, maternal uncle, elder sister and brother in law had hatched a conspiracy to sale my kidney in liew of Rs two lakh.

she also alleges that her husban friends quite often visit her home and used to booze there. Even one of his friend tried to outrage her modesty. Later her husband brought her into his own house. he took her for blood test. He told her that he would take her to Moradabad for minor operation but she somehow managed to run away and reached to her sister’s house.

Former Deputy chairman of State woman commission Amita Lohani said that she would make her best effort to ensure justice for her. Although police has expressed unawareness but said that if they receive complaint then they would take action against the accused.


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