Traveling in plane cheaper than in auto rickshaw claims Union Aviation Minister

Union Minister of State for Civil Aviation Jayant Sinha has said that today’s  flight fares have become cheaper than auto-rickshaws. According toANI, he has mentioned, how the faresin the airplane is cheaper than in an auto.
State Minister for Civil Aviation Jayant Sinha has said that when two people travel in auto rickshaw, they pay 10 rupees per kilometer. That is, 5 rupees per kilometer for a person. According to the minister, airfare is cheaper than that.
According to ANI, on September 3, the minister has said that only 4 rupees per kilometer fare is charged in the airfare, which is cheaper than the auto rickshaw hire.
The point here to note is that the long distance is not done with auto. People travel long distances in bus and train. But air fare has not been compared with bus and train.
Distance from Delhi to Patna is about 1100 km. At 4 rupees per kilometer, the cost of the flight comes out to be 4400 excluding the taxes, whereas the train’s rental sleeper is only 490 rupees and the third AC is 1305 rupees (in Sampark Kranti express).
If the Minister’s stats are to be believed then the auto rent for two people (If people start traveling long distances via auto) then at 10 rupees per km the cost will be 11,000 i.e 5500 for one person.


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