Over 1000 scientists to visit Uttarakhand to study Uttarakhand

Over a thousand eminent scientists from across the country will visit Srinagar Garhwal for climate change and churning of aerosols in Uttarakhand. During this time the reasons for the quality of air quality in Uttarakhand will also be reviewed. Scientists will also study the effects of people’s health and agriculture as well as the effects of aerosols on the climate of the Himalayan region (such particles of dust present in the atmosphere that can not be seen with open eyes).

The occasion will be the National Workshop organized by the Physics Department of Garhwal Central University from October 21 to 23. For this, scientists’ paper will be accepted by October 1 and will be registered till October 15. In this workshop at the auditorium located in the fourth campus of the University, experts from IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) and Universities across the country will participate in the scientific and industry related subjects.

The workshop will include Indian Meteorological Department, IIT Kanpur and Delhi, IISc (Indian Institute of Science) Bangalore, VSSC (Vikram Sarabhai Space Center) Thiruvananthapuram, SNPI (Saha Nuclear Physics Institute) Kolkata, PRL (Physical Research Laboratory) Ahmedabad and IITM (Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology) New Delhi as well as many universities in the country and will also provide information about high scientific institutions of scientific changes in air quality in the state. During this time eminent scientists will present their research papers.


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