UIDAI number on Android phones: Google accepts its mistake

The case of having UIDAI’s helpline number already available in some mobile phones without the user’s approval the social media was disclosed. After all the investigation, it was not even possible to find out as to how the old Helpline number 1800-300-1947 of UIDAI is being saved in the phone? Aadhar had denied that it had asked an agency to save these numbers and the companies making the handsets also said that they did not put these numbers. Now Google has accepted its mistake.
It is now revealed that Google saved the old helpline number 1800-300-1947 in Android phone. Google has accepted its own mistake and said it will be improved. There was anger in the public about this issue on social media. Google has said that in 2014, the ‘UIDAI Helpline number’ and ‘112 helpline’ numbers were entered in ‘Settlement Wizard’ in Android Phone, which has been ‘accidentally’ running since then. However, Google has also said that this is not a case of unauthorized access to Android phones. Google has said that numbers can be deleted from the phone. They also promised to end this problem. Google has said that this number was only added to Android installed in India.
Google has also said that this number is saved in the user’s contact list. It is also there on new devices once a user logs in. Not only Android users but also some iPhone users have reported the same issue as well.


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