Two more death due to landslide


On Wednesday incessant rain have made severe dent on uttarakhand people’s life. In morning six people died in Tehri district’s landslide and in late night two people died due to landslide in chamoli district.

As we know that weather department had forcast heavy to heavy rain would occur and it happened accordingly. Although rain was happening but suddenly people heard sound or landsliding. Hearing this people rushed to safer place but these two brother Gabbar Lal and Shabbar Lal, who were sleeping, could not move because they stuck under debris which came down suddenly.

Ironically a person, who had visited to the victim family as a guest, somehow saved his life but could not help others. Administration led by Tehsildar Sohan Singh Rangan reached to site and rescue team were busy in their rescue operation in midnight. Even they have excavated bodies of two brother from debris.


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