Tea sells for world record price of Rs 40000 per kg

India’s tea prices continue to make and break new records. Within a month, the world record has broken. Now a varity tea has been sold for 40 thousand rupees. The orchards of Assam are known for their world famous tea. However, in recent days, it is getting a good challenge from the tea gardens of Arunachal Pradesh. The Guwahati Tea Auction Center (GTAC) has set up history for the second time in a month, selling tea at the world record price.
Golden Needles Tea, a variety of tea made by the two-polo tea estate of Arunachal Pradesh, has been sold for Rs 40 thousand per kg on Thursday. Assam Tea Traders bought one of the oldest tea shops in Guwahati. Lalit Kumar Jalan, owner of Assam Tea Traders, told that this Golden Needles Tea will be sold through an online shopping website Absolutetea.in. Assam Tea Traders bought 1.1 kg Golden Needles Tea.
Golden Needles Tea last year sold at 18 thousand rupees per kg. At that time the maximum bid could be Rs 20 thousand. This limit has been increased to 40 thousand rupees this time. Earlier on July 24, the same auction center sold special Tips for Golden Tip Tea for Manohari Tea Estate in Dibrugarh district of Assam for Rs 39,001 a kg. The process of making the Golden Needles tea is very special. It is made from only new sprout leaves. The Chinese province of Yunnan, Golden Tip Tea, which was located east of the Arunachal border, was where the process originated. This type of tea is made from very carefully cut small buds and golden layer leaves, which are soft and velvety.


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