Jawans not getting diet as per their wish


Believe it or not but this is true that jawan are not getting food as per their choice. Although officers are getting food as per their wish. It has happened by an order of their head office of Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF).

Earlier jawans were getting chhole bhature and other oily food in breakfast but now they are getting monotonous breakfast. The jawans, who have crossed 45 years, are getting mere soaked gram in their breakfast. In dinner they are not being served paneer but they are getting rice, roti, pulse and vegetable (which changes as per the availabIlity of local market). Earlier they were getting matar paneer etc.

such order is being implemented upto to Inspector rank. The order being enforced by an order of CRPF head quarter. Above inspector rank officer gets food as per their choice.

Although jawans said that officers generally have bulky body but they are getting food as per their choice. they says if they woudl have been asked before enforcing the order then they might have
given their logic to defend their menu.

Do you know, CRPF jawans are dying due to disease in place of terrorist and naxalite attack. As per the Minister of state for Home Hansraj Gangaram reply, in last two year 74 jawan or officer of
CRPF died in terrorist attack but 1196 jawans lost their life due to illness. Among these 219 death happened due to cardiac arrest, 77 due to depression and 20 death due to malaria.

CRPF special DG RP Singh says that now we have prepared food menu as per their health. Even we took advises of doctor and dietitian too. During interaction we come to the conclusion that due to oily food jawans are becoming victim of heart ailment. During review we found that jawans were consuming oily food and even they were consuming more than the prescribed limit too. They were not doing physical work due to their tight schedule or high security alertness. Even it has been noticed that due to heavy food they were sleeping during duty hour.


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